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Wright Technology Corporation evolved from the engineering knowledge and financial interests of directors, shareholders and staff, during an exciting growth period of the electronics industry.   Comprehension of benefits available from an industry, in an era which encompassed rapid development of solid state electronics and surface mount microprocessor technology, enabled  these interests to be utilised, by the acquisition and expansion of business partners.    Business partners: Group Electronics Pty Limited, Gas Analysis Systems Pty Limited & Air Metrics Corporation form the nucleus of an Australian business enterprise, with a history of achievement throughout industry and the resources sector.


The four corporate entities, all internally funded, are located in a modern, multi-level property, acquired as a permanent base for all business undertakings.   The offices and engineering facility comprises an architecturally designed asset of approximately 900 square metres, set onto landscaped amenities of approximately 2250 square metres.    Land area is available for continuous expansion, including planned construction of field installations for environmental testing of sensors and systems.


The investment of venture capital has enabled business partners to participate in major projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.   Many of these projects are identified as unique, extensive and contribute significantly to the public good.    


The growth of corporate assets assures continuous research and development into the application of technology to Australian industry, particularly those sectors associated with industrial, oil/gas and mining activities.   This philosophy remains the prime focus of corporate planning.


You are cordially invited to view the websites of and Group Electronics Pty Limited, Gas Analysis Systems Pty Limited & Air Metrics Corporation to obtain information which relates to the activity of each company.   Your interest, comments and submissions will be of great value and an appropriate response will be initiated.



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